Kumbruch Jacks

Our company provides…

  • ...best references
  • ...50 years of experience
  • ...reliabel Services

Our products...

  • ...are water splash proofed
  • ...provide a high standard of work-safety
  • ...are full automatically phases and cable break monitoring
  • ...provide synchronization monitoring
  • ...are easy to handle
  • ...save working-hours
  • ...are mobile
  • ...and expandable with a wide range of equipment

Our product spectrum

KO III – Jack

The KO III – Jack is a real all-rounder with its lifting-car undercarriage. The parallel lifting of its undercarriage makes it easy to lift the single Jacks. It is easy to manage for one person, so the work can be done inside or outside. more...


The Consolhe-Jack is for lifting heavy goods especially trains. A single Consolhe-Jack can lift up to 40 Tons. more...


The Lifting-Turning-Device is a must for Welding-Companies which have to handle big work-pieces. Mobility and flexibility, further movability, enable the user to clamp in and work different sizes and weights of goods. more...

Inground Lifts

Inground Lifts (Lifting with a Traverse)
With this lifting unit you are able to raise all rail vehicles completely because of traverses at the lifting clamps.
Inground Lifts (Side Rail Lifts) (Lifting of the rail)
With this Inground Lift, vehicles of one type can be lifted. The lifting is operated with a straight side rail in the rail area.
Hydraulic Lift
With this lift it is also possible to lift various types of Vehicles. Not directly at the carriage body but further at the bogie of the railroad. The lifting is possible because of rail segments within the rail area. more...


Of course we take into account your wishes for an individual and specific lift and try to make it possible.
If needed our service and maintenance mobiles are available around the clock.
Further they have a wide range of electric and mechanical spare-parts on board already.
Our staffs, which are specifically trained in montage and maintenance, are the guarantor for a fast and precise work and for solving problems.