Inground Lifts


Inground Lifts (Lifting with a Traverse)
With this lifting unit you are able to raise all rail vehicles completely because of traverses at the lifting clamps.
Since the separation of the 30 Meters long side rails (Längsträger/ Hebeträger) in two 15 meter sections it is possible to lift and lower single sections independently from another.

Inground Lifts (Side Rail Lifts) (Lifting of the rail)
With this Inground Lift, vehicles of one type can be lifted. The lifting is operated with a straight side rail in the rail area.
To secure the locomotive body, the building line of all 8 lifting clamps of the locomotive body itself work as supporting elements.
The control allows the user to lift and lower the supporting elements and the lifting stand (Hebestand) separately from one another.
The movement of all supporting elements is in a synchronic but also in an asynchrony way from the opposite side of the supporting elements possible.

Hydraulic Lift
With this lift it is also possible to lift various types of Vehicles. Not directly at the carriage body but further at the bogie of the railroad. The lifting is possible because of rail segments within the rail area.
They are arranged like, that with every vehicle, every bogie via, to a ramp combined rail-segment pair, can be single lifted or lowered.
A lifting-stand contains 4 lifts.
This construction makes it possible, that at every lifted vehicle, one or more bogies between the lifts can be rolled through.
Of course the rail-segments are secured with automatically protection elements.
The control of the lift can be made with synchronic lifting and lowering but also for the single drive of the platform. The rail-bodies are secured via a mobile support element (overground).

properties data
load capacity 45-60t
- Lifting with a Traverse or lifting of the rail 10t per lifting support element
- Hydraulic Lift 15t per lifting platform
lifting height 1200-1600mm
(Inground Lifts: lifting support element 2200mm )
speed (up/down) 0,3m per minute
Inground Lifts total length
(Lifting with a Traverse)
Inground Lifts center-to-center distance
(Lifting with a Traverse)
Inground Lifts lifting element length
(Lifting of the rail)
Hydraulic Lift drive through width 2600mm