KO III – Jack


The KO III – Jack is a real all-rounder with its lifting-car undercarriage. The parallel lifting of its undercarriage makes it easy to lift the single Jacks. It is easy to manage for one person, so the work can be done inside or outside.
Also as its water splash protection the Jacks can be used inside or on the outside working area. Because of the possibility of switching the load handling device by hand, the worker is able to move Busses, Trucks, Trains and Containers with just one Jack-System. Furthermore the KO III – Jack has an anti-role system (A-R-S), which ensures that all four wheels while lifting and under load automatically run in. While lifting, the jack stands on a three-point-support which provides additional stability and safety.

properties data
load capacity per jack 50, 60, 65, 80, -400kN (5,6,6,5,8 -40 t)
effective stroke 1600mm(=1900mm working height)
design height 2470mm
length 1110mm
width 1020mm
dead load of structure about 470kg
total time to lift up about 200sec.
operating voltage 400/230V (three-phase), 50Hz
type of protection IP 55 (water splash protection)
tyre size(only KO-III) 6.25-20 to 12.00-20 (=11 R-22,5)