The Consolhe-Jack is for lifting heavy goods especially trains. A single Consolhe-Jack can lift up to 40 Tons. If requested the Consolhe-Jack can be delivered with an undercarriage which runs on rails or can run on ground-level with one direction.
Of course the Consolhe-Jack can be permanently installed but also a loose stand of the Jack guarantees a safe standing while lifting. The nose landing gear (?) is easy to put on the load point with a hand wheel.

properties data
load capacity per jack 50, 60, 65, 80, -400kN (5,6,6,5,8 -40 t)
effective stroke 1600mm(=1900mm working height)
design height 2470mm
length 1110mm
width 1020mm
dead load of structure about 470kg
total time to lift up about 200sec.
operating voltage 400/230V (three-phase), 50Hz
type of protection IP 55 (water splash protection)
tyre size(only KO-III) 6.25-20 bis 12.00-20 (=11 R-22,5)